Friday, May 14, 2010

Breaking News - Euro breakup talks!!

The Euro: The Politics of the New Global CurrencyEuro Crash: The Implications of Monetary Failure in Europe
The Greece financial crisis and the spiraling impact on other fellow members of the European union has led to the growing speculation of potential disintegration of the Euro currency. An estimated of 860 billion-euro debts total combined from all the European Union led by Greece is big financial dilemma that seems to have no solutions at the moment.

Based on Bloomberg report the main reason caused this problem is the uncontrolled taxes and spending among some of the European Union country members which led to mounting debts.

If the integration of Euro indeed happen this would be a historical failure of one of the greatest idea in Europe financial history. And in fact the Quote for EUR-USD that we all love the most will no longer exist in forex trading.

I just hoping that all European Union members will find out a good solution to this problem and maintain the stability of Euro. This is because EUR-USD is the most stable and highly predictable to trade in forex.

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