Sunday, February 7, 2010

EUR-USD Post Analysis - After Non Farm Payroll.

It has proven again that the market make a brief upwards movement before making continuation further downside after the Non-Farm Payroll release data last Friday February 07, 2010. This is one significant observation to take into account when trading in Forex.

This experience is taken from several observations of the NFP news release. I have no concrete evident why the market generally behaving this way, but i have a personal opinion that the technical traders are out of the market briefly to safeguard their profits and give way to the NFP or the news traders to take their turns. Consequently after the impact within 15 to 30 minutes later technical traders will be involve again in the market based on their analysis.

As a result of the technical traders action the market is briefly moving upwards last Friday. Then making continuation after that.

So just remember about the NFP is a dangerous lottery moment where technical traders are not so interested to trade. Only the gamblers love this moment, its like flipping coin game where 50:50 chances involve. If you are lucky you could be making a lot of money within 5 minutes range. Otherwise is also true for the unlucky :)

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