Tuesday, April 7, 2009

GBP-USD Trade Results (7 April 2009) Updates

Not much after 2 days of trading as the GBP-USD made an unprecendented correction to the unlikely support at 1.4581. However we still harvested some pips from the corrections and make at least something to talk about here ;). As per analysis on my youtube video the GBP-USD along this week is bullish, any downwards movement are just mere correction that you can take advantage off to ride the rising wave.

My analysis was that the correction should be too far beyond 1.4716 but i was wrong due to unpredictable fundamental and currency correlation factors. So it was going deep down to 1.4581, eventually then later the market move back to around 1.4716 which is ideal support level.

gbp-usd trade result 7 April 2009
ideal support level gbp-usd
correctionAnd so the market may continue it's bullish movement again along this week. Remember one more guarantee white candlestick for this week ;). Just wait and see

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