Tuesday, March 31, 2009

AUD-USD Technical Analysis (31 March 2009)

As far as bearish trend is concerned, in the long-term perspective the AUD-USD is always bearish at least for now and perhaps for another year based on Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) indicator downward direction in monthly time frame. In the intermediate trend we can see it is currently having correction and resistance activities going on within the range 0.7133 (upper bollinger band) and 0.6169 (bottom bollinger band).

aud-usd bearish trend candlestick chartaud-usd support and resistance candlestick chart weekly time frameDespite of that concerns, what matters most to us is the intraday or short-term trading where we should make money. So where is going along this month? in order to answer this question i would like to refer back to my previous post in the past about candlestick chart counting.Counting candlestick, Candlestick counting post analysis, EUR-USD post analysis, EUR-USD Technical Analysis.

Based on the observation and back testing results that i have done in the past using candlestick counting we will use it to predict the overall movement of the AUD-USD along the month of April until it reaches the end of the month.
Alright now that we see 1 piece of white candlestick is already formed at the end of March. Since the slow stochastic in the monthly time frame is already iniatially moving upwards there for we expect another 1 piece of white candlestick will be formed again until the end month of April. We will test again the validity of this candlestick counting theory for this month.

If this theory is true, so if the if market is expected to move upside to form another white candlestick until the end month of April. Therefore we can estimate the movement of market within weekly and daily time frame as well. So whatever comes down during the period of weekly or daily must go up and this is valid throughout the month of April.

aud-usd counting candlestick technical analysisLet's observe and give me your feedback what is your opinion on this.

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