Thursday, June 26, 2008

EUR-USD post analysis

Today i am going to discuss the candlestick counting method once again to prove that this is one of the most reliable systems out there. OK let's take a look back at the end of May when i was predicting that the EUR-USD pair will form a white candle at the end of June. This is my second analysis on candlestick counting as you can read here....

Even though in the early days of the months the market is struggling ups and downs but it never break the resistance level of 1.5286. And after the month of April and May both is producing black candlesticks it is time for the white to form again as you can see below.

eur-usd technical analysiscandlestick countingNow i leave it to you to integrate all the relevant indicators that i have discussed here and also remember to sharpen your instinct by practicing to compare the market movement and the indicators behavior.

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