Tuesday, July 2, 2013

EUR-JPY Technical Analysis (02 July 2013)

MACD Settings:- First EMA = 12 | Second EMA = 26 | Signal EMA = 9
Stochastic Settings:- Period = 5 | Average Period Fast = 7 | Average Period Full =7
Bollinger Bands Settings:- Average = 20 | Standard Deviation = 2
Date: 02 July 2013
Time: 2:05 AM (+8 GMT)

Technical Indicators 4 Hourly Daily Weekly Monthly
MACD Up Up Down Up
Full Stochastic Up Up Down Up
Bollinger Bands Top Top Middle Top
Chart Formation N/A N/A N/AN/A
Market Direction Up Up Down Up
Market Comments The contra-movement of MACD and Stochastic between the weekly time frame and monthly time frame is something that is interesting. Will it go up or down? this is a situation to take note of in all future trade. Although the most obvious indication here is retracement but it was already done few weeks ago. So what will happen to this week.

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