Tuesday, September 21, 2010

OANDA Trading Platform sucks!!

I joined the broker almost a year now, in the early days it was fine and everything run smoothly on the trading platform. But ever since they upgraded it to the new JAVA, problem started to come. In the first place i didn't mind about it cause i thought it was temporary technical issues.

Now i starting to get sick and tired of the problem because it seems OANDA does not give a damn about it. Nothing has improved and the platform keep on slows down and disconnected till now. So i have decided to withdraw my deposit and looking for other brokers now.

If OANDA ever improve again someday perhaps i am considering to rejoin them, but for now it's just really bad. Two weeks i have not open any trade position because the platform it like freeze off whenever i log into it then disconnected again. It happens every log in sessions.

OANDA need to clean up the mess on its trading platform. Not only me complaining about this issue, just read what others say about it on OANDA forum itself OANDA usability sucks

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