Sunday, January 3, 2010

Long-Term Traders the big market movers.

If you at times suddenly the market is making a huge movement, it could be that the effect of long-term traders are starting to join the market. Based on market movement analysis these traders are not dependent on technical indicators such as MACD, Stochastic, Bollinger Band, etc.

They based their trade by looking at the support resistant level, chart pattern, candlestick formation, and of course the economic data summary. As you can see last Wednesday and Thursday, the market is making big move on the GBP-USD because it is has already reached the support level on weekly time frame. At this point the long-term traders expect a profit taking place and also potential buying situation causing the market to move up.

gbp/usd trend analysis
Based on technical indicators the market should have been continue downward movement as shown on the chart below where stochastic and MACD is moving down.

GBP-USD Support Resistant
In summary the big movers of the market usually targeting the weekly and perhaps also monthly time frame based on chart pattern, support resistant level, candlestick formation, and economic data summary.

KIS 2010 (1 PC/1 Year) - $8.5
KIS 2010 (3 PC/1 Year) - $15

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