Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Most Used Technical Indicators

People often ask what is the best technical indicator our there? Honestly there is no one single best indicators without experience from using it. And of course the best of all is to choose which one the majority traders use the most. This is because we want to follow the majority crowds in order to be the winner in trading.

Over the years after long-time finding and trying i feel the following indicators are the most significant used by traders:


1. Price Actions
2. Fibonacci
3. Pivot Point
4. Candlestick
5. Trend
7. Stochastic
8. Bollinger Band


1. News release.

The above information will provide you basic guidance what to learn to become good trader. But remember experience is the most valuable lesson in trading. Therefore you should use Demo trading to obtain experience in practicing the above indicators before using real money. The forex require an implicit knowledge that only the one who experience it can explain.

KIS 2010 (1 PC/1 Year) - $8.5
KIS 2010 (3 PC/1 Year) - $15

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