Friday, May 29, 2009

GBP-USD Post Analysis (29 May 2009)

Once again the candlestick counting method seems to work perfectly according to plan. It was 23 days ago (Read...), i have discussed about the possibility that the GBP-USD is going to form another white candlestick (monthly time frame) in the entire month of May. And now is the 29 May 2009 and it happens perfectly. This may seems to good to be true but yes it is and you can see it yourself on your trading chart. The white candlestick formed perfectly like a full eclipse without much wastage (see chart below).

The most perfect part of it is that on the 19 May 2009 (Read...) which is 10 days ago we are expecting the market to break resistance level 1.5385 to move towards 1.5729 (344 pips away) and yes it does. In fact the market is now currently at 1.5963 which is 200 pips more than the expected movement.

The expectation is 100% according to analysis of candlestick counting.

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