Friday, November 14, 2008

forex Euro-Usd Technical Analysis

Euro-Dollar pair is still fluctuating within a minor resistance level where a level of blood rush is very high to go down. Try to buy at this point is very risky business to do, i would rather looking things from the top and have the mindset of riding it down to the bottom instead of thinking from the bottom to go up.

If the weekly stochastic ever to curve down, this minor resistance can easily be broken causing a huge chart slide down. And the level of lowest bottom is not yet known as long as Monthly stochastic is moving down.

Today's trading results not bad after coming back from work, stealing some 15 pips/points from the minor movement on the 15 minute charts. And now away i am to sleep ;) waiting for another week to come. Remember the following weeks until the end of the month could be a break down disaster ;). Let's see and rocks.

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