Friday, March 14, 2008

Introduction to Forex Part 2

Before Enter Live Trading!!

If you have not seen how the forex is traded before then you should have yourself get the touch of it by applying for demo account to any forex brokers available. This will provide you an experience of familiarizing yourself of the forex trading works and also getting to know the available tools to help you in trading. Usually brokers demo account will provide you some amount of practice money $10,000 or $100,000 for you to try their platforms. They are all FREE of CHARGE

Open your demo account to any of the following brokers
  1. Marketiva - $10,000 Practice money + $5 Free Live Trading
  2. OANDA - $50,000 Practice money
  3. FXCM - $50,000 Practice money
  4. InterbankFX
  5. North Finance
  6. DukasCopy
There are many more other brokers you can search online or choose from the following sites FxStreet & ForexTV

What do you need to start trading?
  1. Internet Connection & Computers
  2. Money
  3. Brokers
After getting some experiences from the demo trading now that you should have the touch and familiarity of how the forex trading works. If you are interested about forex trading the first thing you need is the money of course!. Then select a suitable broker you want to trade with, register with them, and deposit some money into your trading account which you will use for live trading later on. That's it!! You are on your way to make money on forex trading.
There are pros and cons in all forex brokers usually determine by their trading platform effectiveness, spreads charge, customer support services, etc. You can read more about selecting brokers at this site Fxstreet.
Marketiva Forex: Trade as low as $1 & FREE $5 + $10000 Virtual Practice Money

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